1. The chocolate’s smell is capable of producing brain waves that triggers relaxation.
  2. The main ingredient to a chocolate is cocoa beans and approx 400 such beans are used to get 01 pound (450 grams) of chocolate.
  3. Chocolates are usually handy but this one is not…it is known that the world’s largest chocolate bar weighed upto 5,790 kgs!
  4. Heard of Chocolate Potato Chips..yes they exist. there are potato chips dipped in milk chocolate (via lays).
  5. Eating dark chocolate that is everyone’s favorite reduces risk of heart diseases by 30%.
    But but but….chocolate can sicken or even kill your best friend tommy (your dog).
  6. Chocolates also protect one’s mouth against tooth decay as it has an antibacterial effect…. so now u know what to say to your mom when she stops you from having it.
  7. A lethal dose of chocolate for a grown human is around 10 kg’s and that’s 40 hershey’s bars.
  8. Wanna smell chocolates everywhere ….there are pills available that makes farts smell like chocolates.
  9. Remember how to take revenge from a dog (tommy),well same can be did to a cat as cats also get sick on consuming chocolates.
  10. Heard of nutella? I am sure you have…well it was developed during ww2 when a bakery man mixed hazel nute to chocolates to extend his supply.
  11. Coughing can be handled very well by chocolates.
  12. And the fat in chocolates can be reduced by 20% by putting it in an electric field.
  13. How you serve food and drink matters in the perception of taste. Hot chocolate tastes better in orange cups, scientists found.
  14. WHITE chocolates isn’t a chocolate as it has no cocoa.
  15. In 2013 Belgium issued a limited edition of chocolate covered stamps…heights achieved.

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