The humans

Here are some of the facts about the human body that i guess u haven’t heard of…have a look.

1.) do u remember nose,with 2 nostrils ..well it can remember around 48,000 different scents..!!

2.) an adult human that is around 25+ is made up of 7*10^27 atoms (7 octillion), means that u r never alone.

3.) never go on the size as a human baby has around 60 more bones than a grown adult.

4.) there are tiny tiny mites living in our eyelashes that are 1/3 of a mm.

5.) body hair anyone…well having excessive body hair is linked to a higher intellect and intellect is one of man’s greatest powers.

6.) the nature’s camera the eye can distinguish about 10 million different colors.

7.) in a lifetime a human can produce 23,000 ltrs of saliva ..enough to fill 2 average size swimming pools.

8.) sweat..iiuu, actually is odour less, it is the bacteria on the skin that produces body odour.

9.) eye..the nature’s camera if converted into a digital camera would be of 576 mega pixels.

10.) a human has average of 206 bones, and out of that 200 are used only to take one step.

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